Rainy Day Rants

Hello rainy world! I am still alive. I think. I had not been blogging because 1) I’ve been sleeping, 2) I have been planning Aki’s party 3) I have been decluttering here and there and 4) we are busy potty training.

There are at least 10 things that I want to blog about but all I can think of is how I hate this weather! Hate hate hate heychu! And I also hate the noisy singing frogs. They sound like cows having sex. I hate the heat of the summer but I hate the heavy rains even more.

Before I proceed with my rants, here is Aki’s first ever ligo-sa-ulan experience. This was taken last year. He has yet to enjoy playing in the rain this year.  Now that he is going to school, we are more conscious of what could make him sick and miss classes.

Speaking of classes, all these class suspensions make me think about the tuition. Hay. Every time I get a text message from Teacher Tina about cancelled classes (I really appreciate that she informs us, parents, before 6:30AM), I silently tell myself, ” There goes my XXX!”. I have computed how much is the daily rate of Aki’s tuition.  Last week, Aki went to school only twice.  On the second day, he went home with an envelope from the school service van! I totally understand the need to suspend the classes for the sake of the kids’ safety, but I still hate that I am losing that much money for something that I can not have control over.

Speaking of control, the OC in me is starting to worry about Aki’s school party. If classes get suspended that day, the effort that we will put into preparing the food will all go to waste. I really wanted to serve homemade theme-related cute foods but buying spaghetti and fries from Jollibee on the same day might be a better plan.

Still on control, Ate Dorina needs to learn to control her need to do the laundry. Even though we had a mountain of dirty clothes, I told her to delay doing the laundry until the sun finally comes out. But no.. when I woke up this morning, she already washed the clothes and linens. When I came home, all the still wet clothes are hanging in the stairs and in her room. Hay nakow. Good luck naman sa amoy kulob.

If you are a commuter like me, I hope your commute going home was better than my experience earlier. Grabe, pati ata kaluluwa ko, basang basa! Potek! I won’t be surprised if I am sick tomorrow. I am really thankful for my black leather boots , my first major purchase when I got my first salary almost 9 years ago. I am also thankful for Kuya Art, the driver of the last shuttle van. Even if my blood pressure did shoot up because he was not answering my calls, he did wait for me. I wanted to check if he has not left. The terminal is a good 10 minute walk from the office. I would really be pissed off if I brave the rains only to find out that there is no more shuttle vans. I had to seat  behind the passenger seat, the area for the “motor” but I did not mind. I was just thankful to be the last customer of the evening.

Oh wow, it is raining even harder as I type this. I hope everyone is safe and dry. Take care!


2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Rants

  1. Em says:

    Hi Maqui! I hope you guys are safe back in Paranaque. Waaaah! I can totally relate dun sa frogs that sounds like cows having sex. Akala ko dito lng samin may ganun 🙂

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