Memoirs of a Mummy

Party Animal

Last month, we got invited to several birthday parties. Aki surprised us by participating in the games and actually following the mechanics of the games. So sooo proud of this bunny boy.

Here he is seated with the other kids, quietly listening to the host.

Waiting for the relay game to start. I was actually at the back of the room, chitchating with my high school friends whom I have only seen thrice since I started working some 9 years ago. Franco said I should have seen the big smile on our son’s face when he was given the balloon sword. Hubby said the expression was almost the same one he had when he saw Mickey Mouse in person.

Relay game. Since the theme of the party was jungle, kids were asked to  run towards and around a chair while acting like an animal. Franco said Aki was so cute slowly and carefully hopping like a frog.

And this was during the stop dance game. Kids had to dance while the music was playing. When the music stop, they have to give their best imitation of the animal that the host says.

Aki’s winning lion roar!

In Dade’s party, Aki participated in the longest word game. Kids had to say Jollitooooooown for as long as they can. Aki got a mind-blowing 3 seconds. Haha. We also won the major prize in the bring-me game. As a kid, I always got competitive during this game.  Poor Aki, his chances of winning are very slim because I only bring my phone and wallet when we go out. Lucky us, the last item for the bring me game was the oldest cellphone model in the room. Our daddy’s phone which is covered in masking tape, was declared the winner!

Speaking of parties, Aki’s is 2 months and 10 days away. I have decided on the theme. I am really excited about this. Because the guests are all kids, there is really no need to go all out with the little cutesy details. Since the party will be in school and we will only be given a few minutes, I would need to focus on the fun factor. No dessert tables this time. I already talked to the head teacher if I can incorporate an activity. I told her the theme and she said it might be related to the lesson for that week. She will give her decision in a few weeks. So excited!

2 thoughts on “Party Animal

  1. ate, naalala mo ba n ako lagi championsa trip to jerusalem? And I was such a talented song composer you volunteered me to sing one of my imbento songs on Arlette’s 1st birthday. I thought you were proud of my imbento skills pero ngayon I think you were just trying to get back at me! hahaha

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