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Old School Fun

The simplest and not to mention, cost-free, things indeed bring out the biggest smiles and cutest giggles.

Do you remember doing the Oishi every time someone asks for a high five?

How about playing sawsaw suka? Aki and I made a twist to this classic Pinoy game. Instead of saying “mahuli taya” at the end, we change the last word.  Taya has become window, dog, stairs etc. Aki thinks it is sooo funny!

Flying kisses!  Again, we updated this classic. After the kiss has been blown into the air, the receiver has to catch the kiss. The receiver then decides if he wants to plant the kiss immediately or store it in his pocket for later use. We pick the kiss from our pockets and put in our cheeks when we are apart and misses each other.  Got this idea from my The  Kissing Hand book. Oh yeah, our pockets sometimes get so heavy we can hardly walk. I should take a picture of Aki walking with his very imaginary heavy pocket full of kisses. When we are in a playful mood, sometimes we dodge to avoid the flying kiss. Sometimes,  we catch the kiss and throw it immediately to the window. When we are hungry, we also eat the flying kisses. Silly, right? I know!

6 thoughts on “Old School Fun

  1. aww.. i like the flying kisses in the pockets for later use.. that’s sweet. 🙂 pagaya ha!! inggeterang nanay.. hahaha..
    and i like the sillyness.. it’s so cute.. 🙂

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