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Exciting Garden News

I have the most exciting garden news. We have flowers! I love flowers. My first ever gardening post was about our garden flowers. I also had brief love affair with roses. I blogged about them here and here and here.

Presenting… our newest garden flowers….

Okra flower

Eggplant flower

Tomato flower. This plant was given to me by my mom. I have been trying to grow tomatoes ever since we moved in but they all keep on dying. I hope this one lasts.

Oh wait! Is that a higad hiding?!

Lastly, chili flower. Ate Dorina and I can’t figure out if this is a bell pepper or native chili plant. We will find out soon!

Do you know what happens when you have flowers? Pollination! or is it pollenation? Teacher Alda, please clarify.

After pollenation/pollination, comes fertilization.  Once the pollens have fertilized the eggs, we will have baby veggies!

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