Memoirs of a Mummy

Blog Backlog

Aki is turning 3! Mahy galeh! I need to clean up my PC.

Here are photos that I had been meaning to blog about.

2 thoughts on “Blog Backlog

  1. Hi Maqui, i really love reading your blog. esp if you have Aki updates. nakakarelate kasi ako with my Liam..
    1. Liam also has the stacker. he had it since he was 4 months ata, well, una he used it as teether (hanggang sa maiwan na ung isa sa isang resto), then used it to make clown faces.. now, naka stock na sya sa box.. he haven’t gotten around it pa.. oh well, he’s own pacing.. 🙂
    2. Lolo Outfit, Liam also has lolo outfit, white vneck tshirt and pajamas, then now, ginagaya na din nya lolo nya mag taas ng shirt and ipit sa kili kili.. hehehehe..
    3. Gigil Face, my Liam also has that gigil face, almost same with Aki’s…
    Ang Cute cute ng mga boys naten.. hehehe..

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