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How to Make Homemade Orange Juice

Aki’s picky eating is my karma. I did not eat chicken growing up (I now try to eat them but I can only eat ground chicken meat). I made my mom and past helpers make a special meal for me whenever the main dish is chicken. I am not allergic. I just don’t like chicken. Now, many years later, I have a toddler who thinks I am a short order cook. I have put him on behavior modification program which I think is working. More on that on my future posts.

Anyhoot hoot, one thing I noticed with Aki is that there is a bigger chance that he will at least take one bite if he is involved in the food preparation. Aki does not like orange slices but he likes almost all kinds of juice. So why not make homemade orange juice? Homemade OJ is not only cheap, it is also preservative free. Not to mention that making one was a fun activity for our toddler.

First, roll the oranges, pressing them against the table top as you roll them. According to Jamie Oliver, we will get more juice if we add this step. Cut the oranges in half.

Using a manual juicer (is that what this white thing is called?), put the orange half face down, and rotate by hand until you have squeezed all the juice.

Transfer the liquid into a glass.

Add a tablespoon of sugar.

Then add cold water and mix.


Don’t forget to wipe the table!

Next time, we will try dalandan.

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