Memoirs of a Mummy

School Uniforms

I am so relieved that Aki’ school uniforms have arrived. It is just a shirt actually. I don’t think I will ever be ready to see my boy wear khaki pants and white polos. I will definitely get emotional when that day comes.

Anyhoo, I am relieved because Aki has a favorite shirt which he demands to wear all the time. I let Ate Dorina choose the clothes that  Aki will wear. Ate Dorina, in turn, lets Aki decide on his outfit for the day. Unfortunately, Aki’s favorite shirt is this Ben-10 hand-me-down, pambahay shirt (wht’s pambahay in English by the way?). He wore it to school twice last week! When he sees that it’s wet, he grabs it from the clothesline and hangs it near the  electric fan. One time,  he did his signature fake cry because Ate won’t wipe his shirt dry.

Aki also has a favorite sleepwear. Again, unfortunately, it is this brand new Batman shirt that my sister in law gave him a few weeks back.

Oh, His favorite pambahay is hand-me-down the Hulk pajama set.

Three months to go before we bid adios to the terrible two’s!


2 thoughts on “School Uniforms

  1. haha! my mom would always tell us stories about my kuya’s fave shirt (a ninoy aquino shirt that is) before…. he looks up the clothesline and wait for his shirt to dry! haha and one day was worst… he dared iron the really wet shirt! 😀

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