Proud Mommy Post

Last Saturday, July 7, Aki wrote his name on his own for the first time!

I was going thru my old magazines, looking for recipes. Aki was doodling  in his study table. He kept saying A-K-I Aki, which he says all the time. Then he said, “Mommy, look, A!”. I went closer and saw a letter A. I was so surprised because his letter A often looks like a letter H. I asked him if he can write his name. He said “I first”, meaning letter I goes next. I said, “No, A-K-I, remember?”.  He wrote a letter I and made it into a K.  And then finished his name with a letter I.  I was the proudest mommy! I have not seem him try to write letter K before. Also, in the last couple of months, he seemed to have lost interest in doodling. Imagine my surprise to see him write his name after not seeing him hold a crayon for a long time. Good job, bunny baby! Mega special thanks to Teacher Aika and Teacher  Julie!


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