Village Barkada

A couple of weekends ago, our village admin assistant’s children went to my father in law’s house to ask dear FIL if he can accompany them to our house.

These beautiful pictures were taken by my father in law. So cute that these brothers call each other  ” ‘tol “.

Since the older boys were wearing shades, Aki had us look for his shades too.

I am not used to receiving guests at 7:30AM on a Saturday but having Marc Jacob and Jericho around always excites Aki. I was secretly hoping that our visitors would make Aki eat breakfast.

At 8:30AM, I served breakfast. Our guests loved my spaghetti but my dear son did not want to get near the table.

And so they played and played  and played.

Marc Jacob asked for a blanket. He said he wanted to make a house. With my help, here is the boys’ club house.

Marc Jacob is so funny.  Aki wanted to get the Iron Man figure that MJ was playing with. I told MJ if he wanted to play with the Hulk. His answer: “Hindi! Ako si Corazon, ang unang aswang!” Haha.

When he saw Superman, he was so bothered. He said “Bakit siya ganyan? Anong ginawa niya? Bakit niya kinulot ang buhok niya?!” (Why is he like that? What did he do? Why did he curl his hair?!)

Finally, at 10AM, Aki got hungry. He asked for milk and ate a bowl of Mameh’s pasta.

Oh, Ate April and Ate Baby, older sisters of the two, came too.

Later that morning, Kuya Taho passed by. We had an instant taho party!

Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. Our guests had to leave and go home for lunch.

Aki was so sad. He kept saying “Fendz koh. Fendz ko (My friends. My friends)”.

Until your next visit, Marc Jacob, Jericho, April and Baby!


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