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First Day High

First-day-of-school posts are so two weeks ago but 2 weeks ago, I was really busy at work so I am only posting now.

I knew that the actual first day of school would be exciting and busy because of our first day traditions. What I did not expect was that on the night before, I would be panicking and stressed out. I only found out on that day that all the school supplies need to be labeled. All this time, I thought we only needed to label the envelope and the art box. After several trial sessions, I finally settled on this “lay out”.

One of the requirements was a baby picture. Where oh where did my baby go?

Of the traditions that we started, we were not able to continue getting a new haircut days before the first day. Aki was sick and cranky that weekend so a trip to the barbershop seemed extremely dangerous. I also decided not to get Aki a new bag and lunchbox because his old ones were still A-ok.

Anyhoot, the first order of the first day was breakfast! I have always wanted to try making whole wheat pancakes but I keep forgetting to buy whole wheat flour from the Indian grocery. Good thing I found a mix. The nutrition facts seem promising. While mixing our batter, Aki kept saying lulipap!

Here is our First Day of School pancakes.

I blogged about pancake letters here. I learned that the trick is to keep the batter thick so the letters won’t spread. It also helps to keep the ketchup dispensers close to the pan when you are squeezing out the letters.

I actually made meatballs which Aki refused to look at. The pancakes however were a big hit. Aki enjoyed eating them with his hands and creatively transforming the letters e.g. Y to V and h to n.

Special days like this one are made extra-special when you have cupcakes.

Ate Dorina bathed Aki while I made his baon. Here is newly bathed school boy with our first day of school sign.

Picture time! Silly. Fake Smile. Fake Cry. Baby Face!

Aki heard me ask Tateh to prepare the umbrellas. He suddenly remembered his old blue umbrella and wanted to bring it to school. When I told him that his old umbrella is broken, he wailed and wailed and wailed. In between sobs, he saids, ” Payong ko (my umbrella), miss you”. Drama!  He was cranky for the next 30 minutes until he fell asleep! Patay tayo jan!

Panic mode! Aki sleeps past 1PM for about 2 to 3 hours. So him, sleeping at 10AM, 30 minutes before the school year officially starts got me panicking. He slept for most of our trip to school. Good thing, he woke up just when we were about to enter the school premises. I thought he would be irritable but he was actually super happy to see his teachers and old friends from his summer class.

Aki’s baon by the way were homemade cookies. I am pleased to report that he finished his baon. Yey!

Here is my school boy on his first time to ride the school service wide awake.  🙂

Can’t believe I have a preschooler! You make us proud everyday, Aki!

16 thoughts on “First Day High

  1. Hi! I came across your page while randomly surfing the net 🙂 Your posts are so heart warming! made me miss my little boy more (i also work and leave my baby in the care of his loving yaya during the day) I will definitely follow your “first day” traditions or possibly create a sort of tradition for my family since my son is only a year old.

  2. Ahahaha! I agree – first day posts are so 2 weeks ago but, like you, i was so incredibly busy with work to blog 2 weeks ago as well! Aaaah! We have a first day of school sign too (thank you, Pinterest) – sana maka blog na rin ako about Laz’s 1st day!!! Cheers to Aki!!!

  3. Cute naman ni Aki! I like the letter pancakes. Pahiram ng idea sis ha 🙂 fave din kasi ni kelsea ang pancakes and buti may whole wheat na pala ang Maya. ma-try nga! hope to see you soon 🙂

  4. Waaaw!!! 🙂 preschooler already??!!! Pipirma ka na ng mga permit slips 😉 Looking forward to cool school kwentos and aki antics! 😀

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