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Aki Meets his Idol

At the tender age of 32  months, my little bunny Aki already knows what he wants to do for the rest of his life. His ambition is to become a Traffic Enforcer. Aki was in awe the first time he saw one when we went to Araneta in January.

It all started when I introduced him to the concept of stoplights. Since then, he gets  extremely excited when we see stoplights, traffic enforcers, and booms. Some weeks ago, I talked to our village head guard if Aki can stay in the guard house for a few minutes so he can experience lifting the boom every time a car comes in and out.  For the longest time, I had been arranging a meet and greet session with Kuya Arnel, the traffic enforcer outside our village. I have become friends with Kuya Arnel ever since he noticed that it takes me forever to cross the streets. Since then, he has been stopping the cars for me. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to reschedule the meet-and-greets.

Lucky for us, Kuya Arnel was stationed near the grocery that we frequent every Sunday. After shopping, Aki and I stayed near the grocery’s entrance for 15 minutes to watch Kuya Arnel do his stop-go moves. We were waving at him and calling him for the whole 15 minutes. He could not see or hear us because he was many meters away. All the waving paid off when he finally noticed us. When we finally got the chance to talk, he asked us if we wanted to join him in the intersection so Aki can experience being a traffic enforcer for a minute. I really really really wanted to say yes but Franco, our in-house safety and security specialist was not around, so I had to pass. Maybe, next week Kuya Arnel?

Here is the souvenir picture of that very special morning.

3 thoughts on “Aki Meets his Idol

  1. love it! nakikita ko ang tunay na kaligayahan sa ngiti ni Aki! Which reminds me na , when Rock was 2 years old, we asked him what he wants to be when he grows up? Proud na proud answer nya ay Shell Boy ( gasoline boy). hehehe

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