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This is not a book review: A Very Hungry Caterpillar

This is not a book review.

A very hungry caterpillar….


A very hungry caterpillar ate all the leaves of my calamansi (Philippine lemon) plant!


Had I was still been dreaming of a  butterfly garden, I would have jumped for joy after seeing a caterpillar in my garden for the first time.

Dear Katie Katapiloh,

My gardener’s instinct told me to crush you, you little devil you, right there and then. However, the mother in me told me to wait and see if you would get my son excited, which you did.

In case you are wondering, those are my pandan and lemongrass plants on the left. The small sprouts are my petchay which we already transplanted to a different location.

I gave you another chance to live. It would be a wonderful learning experience for Aki to observe how a little hungry worm transforms into a beautiful butterfly. You ought to be thankful because I am not very good at forgiving. And how did you re-pay me? After enjoying your hearty meal, you ran away! You! You! You, ungrateful creep(er)! Ayheychu!

9 thoughts on “This is not a book review: A Very Hungry Caterpillar

  1. hahaha maqui naalala ko ung mga moments namin with our suha too. there was a time na talagang every morning we would move like 5 caterpillars. but me naman i always feel guilty hurting living things – even pesteng insekto – so we would just move them one by one to some weeds. pero i guess they’d all come crawling back kasi every morning we would find one or two still. lumaki din eventually si suha tree so ngayon we don’t look for them na. madami na dahon eh. magpakasawa na sila! lolz.

    1. haaha! Ambait mo! I mu-move pa talaga ha. Naku, baka pala ako ipa-bn ng PETA dahil sa post ko. Ako naman, sapol pa, hate ko talaga ang mga hayop. Isda at fortune lobster lang ang may tyaga ako. So kung feeling ko peste, walang pagdadalawang isip na papatayin ko sila.

    1. kainis lang diba? I need to find it soon! because it is also eating the leaves of my other more precious plants! Hayup talaga siya!

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