Playdate with Pophie and Bella

A couple of weekends ago, Aki and I were in Royal Palms for a playdate with Pophie and Bella.

One thing I learned about the playdate, is that I need to teach ki how to play more gently with girls. Yikes! Sophie did not understand why Aki was so unruly but soon learned the mechanics of the game.

This is Sophie’s lovely room.Even with all the mess, it still looks dainty, right?

Sieggy prepared lunch for us. I have been stalking Sieggy’s blogs since 2008. Somehow, I feel like I know everything about her. Well I was wrong. Not only does she like to cook, she is very OC, waking up in the middle of the night to check if the bathroom is clean. Haha. I clearly remember the first time I met her. I was starstruck. We used to go to the same old pedia  in Medical City ( We are both dra Saulog fans, now). After hours of watching her from afar, I finally mustered enough courage to talk to her. I said something like this ” Hi. ummm. I am Maqui…(awkward pause). I read your blogs (she was giving me a forced smile).. ummm.. We exchanged emails about the cost of giving birth here in TMC”. Finally, she remembered who I was. Relief! We have been online friends since.

And there’s Imee. Imee and I go all the way back in 2008, too. I met her and her husband Mike in a pre wedding  seminar. We later found out that one of my closest friends from work happens to be Mike’s barkada from high school. We attended pre cana and childbirth seminars together. From planning our weddings, we moved on to plannign our kid’s first birthdays. And now, we both going thru the tantrum and picky eating stage together! haha

No playdate is complete without a group picture. Here is a typical playdate picture

Mommies are all smiles while kids are minding their own busineseses.

Here are some photos around  Royal Palms.
The postcard view from Sieggy’s place.

The  clubhouse. We might have our Xmas party there. So excited!

Kiddie pool. Aki and I enjoyed our swim here.

See you in December, Sieggy! Imee and I will wait for your boots-with-fur outfit posts!


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