Spicy Buffalo Wings

I read somewhere that spicy foods speed up our metabolism. Because I am playing the role of a supportive wife who encourages her hubby to lose weight, I tried making buffalo wings from scratch. I did not have time to look for a recipe so I just asked my next door neighbor if she knows the ingredients. She knows the ingredients but not the proportions so I just experimented, hoping to adjust along the way. I haven’t eaten a buffalo wing in my entire life since I don’t eat chicken and anything spicy. Good luck to me.

First, coat a dozen of chicken wings with cornstarch. Fry until golden brown. Place in paper towels to drain the oil.

Prepare the sauce  while waiting for the chicken to cook. In a bowl, I mixed together the following: half of a Jufran Hot Sauce bottle, one teaspoon melted butter, one teaspoon sugar and one tablespoon white vinegar. Mix-y mix. I dipped a toothpick into the mixture and tasted. $%^$#@*(%! It was soooo spicy! I had an emergency toothbrush session. I did not taste the butter, sugar and vinegar. All that my tastebuds sensed were the chillis from the hot sauce. I decided not to add anymore ingredients since I won’t be doing any more taste tests anyway.

Lightly coat the chicken wings with the sauce.

Serve with a smile and a warning. Surprisingly, Franco loved my buffalo wings.  Yey!


5 thoughts on “Spicy Buffalo Wings

  1. di ba you’re from bicol??? 🙂 and you don’t like spicy… hehehe my entire Manila life i’m surrounded by people from Bicol and almost all of them can eat a chili on its own! 😀

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