Fun Fun Fun Playdate @ Tribeca

One of the first things that we will purchase after we win in the lotto  is a unit in Tribeca.  We are in love with this condo community. I love the color of the buildings. I love the open gym. Hubby loves the football field. I love the wading pool. We love the free food during open houses. Most of all, we love the playground.

There is so much to love about Tribeca’s Adventure Park.

I love the wooden playground.

I love the kid-size dollhouses.

Look, they even have a sandbox which was a hit among the boys.

Speaking of boys, Aki’s playmates were Phoenix, Red and Basti. All our boys were born in 2009.

To say that Aki had fun is an understatement.

 We were supposed to go swimming afterwards but we decided to forego that. The boys discovered a more fun way to get wet and wild.


Oh oh oh. Here is a picture of Aki, Basti and PHX from our first playdate in Tribeca back in November 2010.

Thank you so much, Tricia, for having us!


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