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Butterfly Garden Project

I am so excited to post my new gardening project! I am so excited that I can’t sleep. When I am able to sleep, I dream about my next project.

Before I share the juicy details, for memories’ sake, let me blog about a project that I started last September. Feeling so inspired after our family field trip to Bioresearch’s Lost Eden, I started researching on how to start a butterfly garden. I learned that butterflies have preferred host and food plants. Host plants are plants where  butterflies lay their eggs.Food plants are the butterflies’ source of nutrients. I did not think this project would be challenging since we already have a lot of butterflies in our garden to start with care of our lantana plant.

We went to a plant nursery and observed which plants do butterflies like best. We bought these two:

We got host plants from Bioresearch. One of them is Ivory. I can’t remember the name of the other plant. These plants are still alive. They are as tall as I am and are quite an eyesore. I am thinking of transferring them somewhere else.

Based on my research,  butterflies like colorful plants. We planted the sunflower seeds but evil insects kept on eating the leaves until the plants eventually died. I never got to plant the other seeds. I don’t even know where these seed packets are now.

I don’t know if we can classify this project as a fail or a success. I have never seen a butterfly cocoon on my host plants. Butterflies visit my new flowers but the colorful insects still prefer my lantana. I think we do have more butterflies now but that is because we have a new lantana plant and the first lantana plants are bigger now.

Lesson learned. If you want more butterflies in your garden, don’t bother buying new host plants and new seeds. Get lantana plants and plant them all over your garden.

7 thoughts on “Butterfly Garden Project

  1. Nice project… Sana dumami talaga sila jan. Dropping by from Mommy Fleur’s feature of you. Naintriga ako kasi baka related pala tayo, or perhaps I’m related to your husband. I’m Charmaine Endaya before I got married. 🙂

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