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One Weekend, Four Agents

After months reading at least 30 proposals and checking out reviews of different pooled funds, last weekend, we finally decided and opened accounts. This is in relation, of course,  to our  2012 family new year’s resolution which is wealth management. I blogged about it here.

These are Vicky and Tita Beng, our agents for our life insurances.

Jen, our agent for our retirement, Aki’s education, honeymoon and car funds

The guy on the left is Kevin. He is our agent for our retirement and baby # 2’s education fund. To answer your question, no, I am not preggers.

Thank you, Tita Beng, Vicky, Jan and Kevin for spending a couple of hours of your weekend with us.

Special thanks to Efren Cruz, our financial adviser, who helped us in coming up with a plan to reach our financial goals. Our last official meeting was back in January but until now, he is still answers my questions and helps me review new proposals. I highly recommend him to everyone!

We are far from our goals but with the baby steps that we are taking now, I am confident that we will get there.

And in case you are interested to know more about financial planning, Efren will be having a workshop on the said topic.

From the EnRich email announcement:

To register for EnRich, please deposit your training investment as follows: BPI Family Bank Katipunan Ave. S/A #6863-0722-45 under the name Personal Finance Advisers Phils. Corp. or BPI Loyola Heights S/A # 3089-1535-72 under the name of Efren L. Cruz. Please email a scanned copy or picture of the deposit slip to indicating your name and the name of the person who referred you, if any. If you refer attendees, please have them indicate your name as referrer on the deposit slip. You may also fax a copy of the deposit slip and other particulars to (63-2) 939-9593. Kindly note that the Php2,000 per person early bird rate applies to payments received on or before April 27, 2012 . Otherwise, the regular seminar fee of Php2,500 per person shall be your investment.

However, if you successfully refer people, you will be given a 20% referral fee based on the training investment paid. The 20% referral fee, gross of the 10% creditable withholding tax shall be awarded on the seminar date. Refer six people and you earn more than enough (net of tax) to attend the training program yourself. We do not allow cross referral and the referring person must have attended or is attending the EnRich program.

The first 5 HR Practitioners to sign up get in for FREE!

Just send us a letter signed by your HR Head and in your company letterhead endorsing you as a participant. You can email a scanned copy of the letter to or fax the letter to (63-2) 939-9593. Attending HR Heads need only email or fax their business cards. Remember, we are giving away only 5 seats so send us your endorsement letter as soon as possible.

Do hurry as there are limited seats available.

Below is the outline of the training program:

EnRich – Cash & Debt Management Module

Cash Management

1.       Why the Need for Financial Planning

a.       Self-analysis on money stress level

b.      Money distractions at work and at home

c.       More money is not the answer

d.      The CD-RW of personal finance management

2.       Establishing Your Starting Point

a.       Balance sheet

b.      Income statement

3.       Cash Management

a.       Setting financial goals

b.      Formulating a budget

c.       Who not to approach

4.       Four Steps to Boosting Savings

a.       Save first

b.      Collect loose change

c.       Pay yourself first

d.      Manage debts and expenses

Debt Management

1.       Cardinal Rules in Contracting Debt

2.       Why it is Easy to Spend and Borrow

a.       consumer’s point of view

b.      marketer’s point of view

3.       Signs of Credit Card Trouble

4.       Easy Way of Paying Off Credit Debt

5.       Personal Loans

a.       5-6

b.      What AOR is

6.       Buying Your 2nd Home First

7.       Car Loans

8.       0% Interest, The Real Score

a.       Tag price law

EnRich – Risk & Wealth Management Module

Risk Management

1.       Why Get Insurance

2.       The Three Basic Types of Life Insurance

3.       The Practices to Avoid in Buying Life Insurance

4.       Health Insurance

5.       Disability Insurance

6.       Property Insurance

7.       Motor Vehicle Insurance

Wealth Management

1.       Why Invest

2.       The Five Basic Steps in Investing

3.       Taxation Benefits

a.       Personal equity retirement account

b.      Comprehensive tax reform package

4.       What are Available

a.       Bonds

b.      Stocks

c.       Pooled Funds

5.       Options Relative to Risk Preference

6.       Investing in a Business

a.       Illusions of entrepreneurship

b.      Survival rates of business

c.       What makes a business successful

                                                   i.      Traits of a successful entrepreneur

                                                 ii.      Positioning

                                                iii.      Branding

1.       Logo

2.       Use of colors

d.      Benefits under the Barangay Micro Business Enterprise (BMBE) law

e.      Franchisor or Franchisee?

4 thoughts on “One Weekend, Four Agents

  1. Hello, I know these are super old posts of yours, but I’m in the process of learning about financial security. Medyo late na nga, Im in my mid-30s na. :)> But what drew me to your posts is that, it came from a mother/wife and not just a financial adviser. It was very very very honest.
    Thank you and Im looking forward to more of your posts now.

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