Picky Eater’s Top Food Picks: Homemade ‘Zizza’

One thing I noticed with Aki’s eating habits is that he is more likely to eat if he feels involved. When I am pouring juice or water to his cup, he likes saying STOP when he feels I have poured enough. When eating, he likes to mix the soup with his rice on his own. I ask for his opinion on what he wants me to draw using ketchup. That is when he is not insisting to make ketchup faces himself.

Here is  simple activity that my picky eater enjoyed. I was so sure that he was going to eat because he was involved from start to finish.


Wheat bread
Grated Cheese
Chopped ham
Pizza sauce

Sauce first

Ham next

Then the cheese

Aki is fascinated with our toaster. He loves watching the bulb turn orange.


mental note: use quickmelt cheese next time

It is a complete meal! Aki ate 3 pieces. Yey!


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