Quick and Healthy Orange Fish Skewers

As I mentioned in another post, we are trying to be more conscious of our health. We eat mostly fish and chicken. Most of the time, either grilled or steamed to lessen our oil intake.

Here is an easy fish recipe that Franco and I loved. This is a variation of the original recipe that I found in one of my Test Kitchen magazines.

Fish fillet, cut into cubes
Italian Seasoning. The original recipe calls for ground coriander but I could not find any.
Orange, cut into 8 pieces. In the original recipe, lemon was used. I opted to use oranges instead because lemons are expensive.
Red onions

Olive oil
Chopped basil and chives. I added chives just so I can finally have a use for my plant.


– Sprinkle the fish with Italian seasoning.
– We are ready to skewer. To get the most out of the ingredients, the sequence is very important. It should be orange-fish-onion-orange-fish-onion
– Brush the grill pan with as little oil as possible  to prevent the fish from sticking.
– Grill the fish until flaky
– While waiting for the fish to get cooked, mix the olive oil and chopped fresh herbs. Once the fish is done, brush it with this olive oil mixture. Don’t forget to serve the remaining mixture.

To eat, remove the ingredients and squeeze the orange slices over the fish and red onions. Yum yum!


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