My Name is Vahwn Tooom-poh

Aki has a new name for himself. For two months now, he has been declaring to the world that his name is Ati Benten or Benten Ati. For a week or two, he started calling himself  Vahwn Toompoo as in brown trumpo/top. His fascination with tops has been going on for a weeks. Bayblades might be the in thing now but in our house and in my mom’s, this old school top, the latest addition to Aki’s collection of traditional Filipino toys, tops our list of favorite toys.

Unfortunately for Aki, only his Lolo Toto knows how to play the toompoh. Franco has his chamba moments but he still needs to brush on his trumpo skills.

At first only Aki was interested in watching Lolo Toto play

Soon, the whole gang was cheering Lolo Toto who by the way is my mom’s brother.

not in the pictures but are looking on as well are my sister and Rocky

 Aki loved it so much that he wailed and wailed until we let him bring his and Kuya Rock’s tops to a party we attended. He fell asleep holding on to his beloved vahwn tooopohs.

On safety. The tops are kept in a cabinet that he can not reach by himself. That way, he needs to ask permission first before he can play with them. Also, as a safety rule, we constantly remind Aki to use the lollipop hold when handling his toys. Lastly, Aki has been programmed that he only gets to play with them when his dad is around.


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