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Loving the Bulol Phase

I am so loving Aki’s bulol phase. Writing down some of his bulol words because 1) for sure, I will miss hearing them once Aki’s pronouncation gets better and 2) I will forget them if I don’t list them now.  Thanks to my momnesia.

(‘ ) – pronouncation is maragsa
(” “) – English pronouncation
(-)  – short pause between syllables

As of April 21

 bak – black
nnnohw/nnnnehw – no
apoh – apple
Ati “forced” – Aki first
Akicha/Atita – Akira
Mhay – mine
gamgam – langgam
baaaahs-tos – bastos/rude
it -liit/small
Ohhhh men – oh men
uuuuh “no” – oh no
gin – green
yed – red
“booo” – blue
vhawn – brown
ohneyz – orange
ling – ring
fiiiis – pleeeeease
taptap – laptap
baaaah-nana – banana
jadibi – jollibee
ti’ti’ – Nikkie
Tahteh – Ate
Sahwn – sound as in No sahwn, Tatay! meaning please stop playing your songs, Tatay
Yahtowt – yakult
Kuk – coke
pahnteyt – pancake
pahteyt – cupcake
teys – taste
sudat – sugat/wound
nana – Wala na
“Sir” tel – circle
Lalon – Lion (nasal)
Clab – crab
tahwnt – count
jow jow jow – go go go!
chowd – cold
peme’ – penge
lakkk lol – rock and roll
toh toh pis – bato bato picks
suta/sucha – suka/vomit
tajo’ – tago/hide
hamdi – hungry
lid – read
lak – yuck or lock
“tooooom” poh – trumpo/top
chichot – ikot/turn around
pahchen – pumpkin
sasok – pasok
“rain” joh – Power Ranger
yey’ lang – Wait lang
yey’ me – wait for me
fhay – fly
tayt – kite
jeym – game
Diiizan – This one
Fu’boh – football
tick – kick
joh joh – burger
lag – hug
Jajing -jogging
Jojing – drawing
fet – pwet
ziva – zebra
“I” lab looooooooo! – i love you!
Lab loooo matz – i love you so much!


And my current favorite bulol word –

ta ta jam jam  -pajama

Click here to see my first post on his list of spoken words before he turned two

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