Memoirs of a Mummy

Holy Week 2012

 We spent the Holy Week in the most relaxing resort, my mom’s hacienda.

Mother does not have a pool but she does have a lake. Hehe. While the aircon in the houses of the city folks were in full gear,  we were happily  enjoying the strong cool winds of  Bayog

This picture was taken last year

Franco and I always make plans of going out like a date night  in Elbi Square ( I am not even sure if it is still open. The first and last time, we were there was in 2004) or eating  in Isdaan, but none of those ever happen. It is always more fun to chillax in Dorie’s mansion.  So what do we do  in my mom’s house?  Nothing!  Just how we like it. Aki was far busier than Franco and I whenever we are home in Elbi

Here are some of his regular activities

Enviously watch the neighbors’ kids play with old rubber tires. I asked the kids why they have so many tires when they are only four in the group. One kid said they bring extras for those who would like to join them

Feed the chicken. Later on, chase them.

Marvel, inspect and take a bath at the poso

Enjoy the greens. That also means running and running  and running and a couple of attempts at rolling. Aki could not figure out how to roll so he just crawled.

Swim with cousins!

Play his favorite toy, the tooompo! This deservers a separate post.

Oh I just remembered. We did go out although not with Franco. Aki and I were still recovering from the virus we caught so we did what a lot of Elbi families do in the morning, sun bathe in the UPLB Freedom park.

Good times!

5 thoughts on “Holy Week 2012

  1. i miss elbi, too! might go there this weekend to attend my sissy’s graduation. i am hoping to capture a good photo of lia at the uplb grounds!! 🙂

  2. natuwa ako sa mga kids with extra tires… nakakaaliw naman… im happy na may ganun pa rin these days… i mean kala ko nung childhood lang natin may ganun hehehehe 🙂

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