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Aki’s First Day in Summer School

This is the part two of my post on Aki’s first day in school. See here for the first post.

Since the start of the year, he has been very excited to go to school.  Here is a sample Q&A with him

Me – Aki, san ka papasok?  (Aki, where are you going?)
Aki – Chul! (School!)
Me – Anong meron sa school? (What will you see in school?)
Aki (with matching hand gestures) – Mami fends (madaming friends/lots of friends)
Me – Anong gagawin mo sa school? ( What will you do in school?)
Aki – La’-tz time! (lunch time)
Me – Anong gusto mong baon? (What packed snacks would you like to have?)
Aki – Luh-jhaw egg (lugaw with egg/ rice porridge with egg)
Me – Anong sasabihin mo kay Teacher? (What will you say to Teacher?)
Aki – No-ning!  (Morning!)

I think reading the book Where is Bunny’s Mommy really psyched him for school. The book is about what Bunny’s activities in school/daycare and his mommy’s activities at work. I bought it because it is one of the few books that I encoutered about a working mommy. I highly recommend the book. The book introduced Aki to the idea of lunch time, having friends in school, playing in school and patiently waiting for Mummy to arrive from work.

What I think also helped is the Disney Jr show, Upin and Ipin. I am a fan! I wish we have a similar show that showcases our culture.  I love the series so much that I tried to watch the 3-part Mother’s day episode in Bahasa Malay in Youtube! Did you know that Upin and Ipin’s mom already passed away? I still have to research where is the boys’ dad. Anyhoo, U & I are five-year olds who go to school. Aki’s interest in going to school was further reinforced by watching the show. 

As expected, Aki’s first day in school was drama-free. Some of his classmates were crying. Some were clinging to their parents. But my Aki, as soon as he saw a fellow kid, ran off to the free play area without saying goodbye to us.

This is the free play area. There is an area for reading, for pretend kitchen, sitdown activities and for active play.

Aki was immediately at ease. He proudly showed off his clay creations to his classmates and their adult companions.

When another classmate sat on his chair, he just happily continued playing with the homemade clay, standing up.

One of the teachers had to ask me what his real name is because everytime they ask him his name, his standard answer was Benten! With matching closed fist pumped into air.

He waited for his turn for the toy car but when he was about to sit on it, a more persistent classmate took the car from him. Aki kept saying My turn! My turn! but later on found that it was also fun to push the car.

When Teacher Tina announced that they will go to the classroom in five minutes, Aki dropped the toys and ran for the classroom. We had to tell him to wait for Teacher to call them again. So when Teacher Tina, asked the kids to go to the red line, Aki was there first.  When Teacher Tina asked the kids’ help in  counting how many classmates were there in the line, Aki counted the loudest. So so sooooo proud!

Inside the classroom, Aki picked a chair and sat. He transferred to another table where all the boys were playing pass-the-car. There were times when some of his classmates did not want to pass the cars. Aki kept saying Share! Share! I wondered if he will go to his classmate and grab the toy but no, he not-so-quietly waited for his turn.

I did not want to leave the classroom but when I noticed that I was the only adult companion left,  and Aki did not seem to care if I was there, I tried to let go. I stepped  out but pressed my ear against the door so I can still hear what is going on inside.  Haha. Now I understand why some moms buy telescopes to see what is happening inside classrooms. If only there was a hole.

When I peeked again, snack time was almost over. I saw Aki follow his teachers’ instructions. He returned his lunchbox in the cubby hole, put away the placemat, threw his trash and washed his hands. Hopefully, he will start doing those at home, too.

This is Aki during the good bye song.

Look what Teacher Jam gave Aki after the class

A happy face! Aki was protesting when I was scrubbing it when I bathed him that afternoon.

Whattafirstday! I am still on a high!

Tomorrow’s agenda: Teach Ate Durina how to commute to and from the house.

8 thoughts on “Aki’s First Day in Summer School

  1. hi ms.maqui, i love reading your blog! our kids are almost the same age, my daughter is 27 months. btw, where is the school of aki? i’m from pque also and still searching for a good school for my toddler..thanks and God bless!

  2. I love Upin and Ipin too! I’m curious din what happened to their parents, I know the mom passed away because of the Mother’s Day series too. Is the girl living with them their sister or aunt? Nalilito ako haha.

    Aki’s so cute! Mukhang he loves school! And that’s a good thing!

    1. Hi Cai! Hows the pregnancy coming along?
      Akala ko ako lang ang adult fan ng Upin and Ipin. Big sister daw at lola yun kasama nila sa bahay.
      Aki super loves going to school!

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