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Playdate with Maia {Part II}

Here is the part two of our super fun playdate with Maia.

So what did almost 2.5 year old Aki and almost 3.5 year old Maia do aside from baking yummy cupcakes?

They played with the toys, of course.

This is hide-and-seek toddler style

We read books

They played doctor-doctor. Here is Aki, listening to Maia’s bellybutton. :p

Oliver met Georgie

They drank what I think is the all-time favorite drink of toddlers (and mine too!), Yakult!

Later, the kids went outside and marveled at the beauty of my precious makahiya weeds

Aki looks like he is pulling Maia’s hair here but actually he was trying tp shower ‘Te (for Ate Maia) with lantana flower petals.

They then turned their attention to the giant blackboard. How cute is Maia’s letter E?

While Maia wrote an essay, Aki underlined  each letter, to Maia’s dismay. Hehe

Maia drew a banana which the two kids colored.

When the banana was done, it was time for picture-taking with Oliver and Georgie!

Until the next playdate, Maia and Faye!

PS. If you know websites  aside from Photovisi where I can make collages, please please please let me know.  Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Playdate with Maia {Part II}

  1. Ang saya ng playdate nila 🙂
    I’m currently using Picasa to make collages. Ang hirap nmn kasing pumili over a pool of beautiful pictures diba? 🙂 There’s a Mosaic maker in Big Huge Labs, try mo. Pero wag mko sisihin pag napuyat ka kasi nakaka-addik cya. Hehehe.

    1. I know! Effort pumili! I am not sure about blogpost pero sa wordpress, 3-4 clicks pa para makainsert ng isang picture kaya nakakatamad tuloy yun picture-heavy posts.

      thanks for the tip, em!

  2. cute playdate! i love your giant blackboard!!! =) Such a great idea! My son, turning 2 soon, has been drawing with crayons on our walls! Good thing my 5.yo. daughter loves to scrub and clean, she has her own heart shaped scrubber, which I just cut out from dishwashing foams, heheh..

      1. yiiii ang saya! sige sige sched tayo ulit this April. matutuwa nyan si Maia. (at meron din akong cocoa powder sa house baka magamit natin. sumubok kami ni Maia gumawa chocalate truffles ni Pepper last Sunday. walang mabili si Tibs na konteng cocoa powder lang so ayun di ko alam ano gagawin ko sa isang container. lolz)

  3. how about picasa? u dont use it? very basic photo collage nga lang…its not online but its a lot better now kasi features of Picnik’s incorporated with the latest version of Picasa already. 🙂

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