Memoirs of a Mummy

Giant Leap

Several friends and family have been telling us us that Aki seems tall for his age. Because I don’t know a lot of kids his age, I had no idea if he is within or above the usual the usual range. This was until last last Saturday when we went to Dra Saulog’s clinic to have Aki’s cough checked. While waiting for our turn, I thought I’d plot Aki’s weight and height in the chart. Interestingly, Aki’s height is indeed 2 centimeters above the normal range for his age. I am not sure if it is the Cherifer, his regained appetite or my genes. My male cousins are all tall. The shortest stands at 5’11. The tallest is 6’4.

Plotting Aki’s height and weight in the chart, made me realize how much I have changed as  a mother in the last 2.5 years. I used to eagerly update the chart everytime we had a check up. Now, if I had not been bored, I would have forgotten that these pages in Aki’s baby book exist. I am no longer the praning, online shopping-addict, superbaby-wanting mom that I used to be.

– Read all parenting websites, blogs and books that I could get my hands on
– Spent/wasted time and cash buying baby stuff. I used to enjoy online shopping. I would visit SM Makati before heading home to see if there is anything that Aki might need
– Considered buying Your-Baby-Can-Read videos
– Would do anything and everything for her child. This I think is the reason why Aki did not develop his verbal language skills earlier. He was not encouraged to verbalize his needs and desires because even before could try to, I had already anticipated and taken care of them.
– Brought baby bottles and extra clothes good for 2 days even if we were just out for a check-up

– Reads N@w posts, follows selected blogs and searches only when needed
– Hates consumerism. I hate how marketing materials make new moms feel like they need to buy their product.
– Lets Aki dictate our lessons and playtime
– Tries to let go and let Aki do the things he wants to do. Yesterday, he took off his shorts for the first time all by himself
– Forgets to bring wipes and diapers!! Hehe

PS. We were back in Dra Saulog’s clinic today because Aki had been feverish for two days. To my surprise, despite getting sick, Aki grew 1.5 centimeters since our last visit.

5 thoughts on “Giant Leap

  1. I am certainly in the “Then” stage! It made me smile seeing this list because at least I know what I’m going through right now is normal. I just hope I could graduate from “Then” to “Now” sooner than later!

    Btw, I will bring my son to Dr. Saulog’s clinic tomorrow – for the first time. Thanks to you and Maggie.

  2. maybe that’s the reason why he’s feverish… he’s getting taller and taller… hehehe that old folk’s tale again… 🙂 my hubby’s the one plotting our boy’s growth in the baby book… and boy how much he’d grown in just a month…9cm!!! he’s just 5months now but im pretty sure he’s tall for his age… 🙂

    il be mommy blogging soon too… i just need to fix the online issues (exposing the little boy and all to the world) im having with my hubby first… 😀

    im following your blog and it never fails to make me smile… im still a long way to get to your stage now but im uber excited! 😀 toddler years seem to be really fun! 😀

    hope you could follow me back! 🙂

    1. 9CM! You have a giant in your hands!
      looking forward to more of your mommy posts.
      Oh, don’t get too excited about the toddler stage. It is fun pero nakakamiss ang baby stage

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