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Baking Playdate with Maia

I have been wanting to post our super fun playdate with Faye and Maia but I just don’t know where to start! I have over 100 pictures and even more little snippets to share.

Faye and I have a lot in common. First, we are both member of the online N@wie community. We both grew up in the province and studied in UP. We’re both commuters. If you read her blog, you see that we somewhat share same practices in our parenting style. We try to sneak more veggies. We love homemade toys. We both aren’t mall rats. Our kids are both born in the month of October. Maia is a year older. We both want our kids to experience the old school childhood we had.  But the most exciting similarity for me, is that we both used to be Washington girls before getting married. What is even more exciting is that her apartment was just across the street! We probably rode the same jeep or ate in the same carinderia at some point. How I wish I met her then.

Anyhoot, about the playdate. Please do check her blog because she was able to share more of the step-by-step process of making and decorating cupcakes. Faye blogged about our baking playdate here

Before Faye and Maia arrived, I already prepared our ingredients. I did not want to stress myself so I just used instant cake mix and instant icing care of Tita Betty. Faye brought Nips and marshmallows.

It was Aki’s first time to eat Nips. He fell in love with them instantly. At first, he could not be bothered to help in the mixing because he was too busy enjoying his Nips.

How cute are Aki’s chef’s hat and Maia’s owl apron?

Once the batter was well mixed, we then placed cupcake liners on the muffin pans. The kids thought of putting Nips first before putting scoopfuls of the chocolate batter. Aki left the table as soon as he was done with his share. He was just to excited to finish his Nips.

Alin, alin alin ang naiba? Humanap ng kung alin ang .. naiba!


After the baked cupcakes  cooled, then came the most exciting part, decorating! My funny little baker, after decorating each cupcake, removed the plastic toys to lick the icing and then put them back again.

These are the pretty and yummy cupcakes of the afternoon. Maia decorated the 6 cupcakes on the right side. Aki did the left side except for the top left one which was my masterpiece. Hehe.

Of the 5 cupcakes that Aki decorated, this is my favorite. It is the prettiest of the five and also is the only one that he did not lick. Hehe

This is my favorite among Maia’s creations.

Watch out for the part II post. We had so much playing with Maia and Faye.

Oh look! My first ever proper playdate picture! First time to have everyone looking AND SMILING for the camera

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