Memoirs of a Mummy

Our Toddler Loves his Medicines

Franco and I aren’t softdrink drinkers. We get to drink them only when there is a special occassion. Aki is also not used to drinking anything carbonated. We don’t want him to get used to softdrinks because they are sugar-loaded, expensive(when you compare them to Nawasa juice) ย and can be addicting. Definitely not good for my baby.

However, for a week or two, Aki drank his “coke” and we encouraged him. You see, he was coughing but would not take any medicines, even vitamins. I thought of mixing his Plemex with his asim juice (calamansi juice). When Aki saw the dark concoction, his face lit up as he shouted Coke!ย  For the next tries, we just mixed his medicines with a little water. Now that his cough is gone, he is still asking for more Coke. Because we can’t give him any more Phlemex, Aki has only been drinking Mountain Dew (Cherifer + water).

7 thoughts on “Our Toddler Loves his Medicines

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      I am having an error message everytime I try to go to your blog ( thesecretravel.wordpress)

      1. No thank you, it’s my pleasure! You have such a cutie patootie baby. By the way it’s, so sweet of you for even trying to get to my blog, thanks

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