Aki’s First Easter Egg

Lately, Aki and I have been reading Little Woodstock’s Easter Eggs. It is a boring book but Aki loves it. Baby Woodstock paints his first egg blue. Then, here comes baby Snoopy who then paints his egg green. Then baby Woodstock paints his next egg blue and a green. Then they step back and appreciate their colorful Easter egg basket. That is how boring the book is.

As boring as it is, the book has been very influencial because it made Aki bug me to come up with an egg painting activity. I had an AHA moment when I went to Booksale. Their nail polish bottles were only 10 bucks. I will never be caught sporting blue and green nail polish but they might just be the right paint for Aki’s eggs. The brush was just the right size for Aki’s hands. No preps and clean up needed unlike watercolor or food coloring.

I was sooo right! It was so easy breezy to set up. I just took out an egg, an empty egg carton and opened the nail polish bottle. That’s it. We did this Easter activity on a weekday before I went to work.

When Aki was happy with his artwork, we put the egg in the garage to dry.  I left Aki with Hazel so I can get ready for work. When I went down 20 minutes after, Aki already ate the egg! His favorite food nowadays is fried egg. If he does not like our ulam (viand), he would say ” egg, fis! (egg please)”.

For memories’ sake, here is a picture of Aki’s first Easter egg.

Advance happy Easter!


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