Books about Misbehaving Little Children

These are my current favorite children’s books because I can so relate!

The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. She is also the author of the classic Good Night, Moon. The little bunny wants to run away and his mama assures him that she will always be there where the little one would go. When the bunny says that he will be a fish so he can swim away, the mommy bunny said she will become a fisherman so she can fish her baby out of the water. When the bunny says that he will be a bird, the mommy said she will be a tree so her bunny can come home to her.

No, David by David Shannon. Bright pictures with very few words.  I love the pages when David gets a time-out but still gets a hug afterwards.

Please, Baby, Please by Spike Lee, the director, and his wife Tonya Lewis Lee. It is about the everyday challenges of raising a toddler. Spike and Tonya Lee dedicates this book to their kids. I wish I can make a children’s book too inspired by my adventures with Aki.

Mama, Do you Love Me? by Barbara Josse. The book shows unconditional love with the Alaskan colorful culture as background. The mommy assures her child that she will love her little one regardless of how hard the little girl tries to push her limits.


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