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Family Bowling Night in Makati Cinema Square

What I thought would be a fun family night did not turn out exactly as I hope it would be. Maybe we will give bowling another try when Aki gets older. Or maybe, we would just look got arcades with mini bowling alleys.

When we went to Shangrila several weekends ago for Aki’s first train ride, we found a bowling game machine with 4 game credits. No one was playing so we used the credit. Maybe someone loaded up the machine but his toddler thought the game was boring. Whoever you are, thanks!

Aki immensedly  enjoyed playing bowling even if the pins were just in the computer. I hate video arcades but seeing Aki have so much fun made me want to look for arcades in our area that has bowling games. We went to Waltermart in Makati but unfortunately, their bowling game was under repair. At home, we played bowling using empty plastic bottles.

So when I finally convinced hubby to go back to Makati on a Saturday, we trooped to Makati Cinema Square to play bowling.  The first two floors of MCS may give one the impression that this mall is past its prime. The top floor, however, gives another story. The bowling alleys were well maintained and has regular patrons.Each game costs about 150. Shoe rental which is a requirement is 60 bucks per pair. Don’t forget to bring your own socks. What I like about their alleys is that they can put rails beside the gutters if the players are kids.

Aki got excited when he saw the colorful balls. We did not allow him to lift them because they were heavy. Nikkie would put the bowling balls on the floor and Aki would just push to roll them. He was very excited during the first sets but ten sets were too much for him. Mid-way, he wanted to leave already. Maybe, seeing 3 balls in the alley demotivated him.  And because Aki kept pulling my shirt, I could not concentrate on my own game, causing me to have gutter balls for 4 consecutive sets. Haha. I am just making an excuse.

Here is the final score

Even if it wasn’t a successful trip, family time is still precious time. Here is our family picture of the day.

3 thoughts on “Family Bowling Night in Makati Cinema Square

  1. hello 🙂 can i just ask? what do you mean by “150 per game”? is it like 150 per person? i am just a newbie in this sport and i want to try bowling at MCS. i hope you respond. thanks 🙂

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