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Making Memories Every Sunday Morning

I read this line in one of the blogs that I am subscribed to:

Live your life intentionally so that you create the memories you want your children to have; and so you can teach them the life lessons that you want them to learn

Two years ago, I would stay up late on Friday nights to plan our menu for the next week. Every Saturday, I would troop to the neighborhood talipapa ( Erwin, that means small wet market). I tried to avoid going to supermarkets because I always went home with a bag full of items that we don’t immediately need.

Fast forward to 2012, I am still making menus. I wish there is an easier way to simplify and automate the process. Maybe next time I should blog how tedious menu planning is for me. If menu planning which used to be exciting has become a chore, now, doing my groceries every Sunday morning is always one of the highlights of our weekend. I used to hate the time I am away from Aki whenever I am in the talipapa. I solved the problem by bringing Aki and Hazel to Puregold. About the unnecessary purchases,because of our new year’s resolution, I come up with a shopping list and stick to it.

Aki’s favorite section in the supermarket is the seafood section, particularly the fish ang shrimp tanks. Remember, he is obssessed with fishies. He stays there most of the time while I do my rounds. Once I am in the veggies and fruit section, we reunite and he helps me load vegetables into my cart. Of course, we take this opportunity to teach him about the different kids of vegetables.

After shopping, we eat breakfast in the food court where Aki always eats lugaw with egg (rice porridge), and a cup of yogurt.

When Aki is older and doing his own grocery shopping, I hope he remembers the ordinary Sunday mornings we spent looking at fish tanks and eating lugaw in the supermarket.

10 thoughts on “Making Memories Every Sunday Morning

  1. I think i remember seeing you & your son at Puregold BLS (a walking distance from our house). How old is Aki? My Gian is 2.

    Hope to meet you one of these days!

    P.S. #1) I have yet to try those Planet cakes! 🙂
    #2) read your blog: am scouting for a preschool too — came across with Playschool Int’l @ Ghana St. & Jesu-Mariae @ Mary Help of Christians (any idea?)


  2. Hi Maqui,

    thank you for translating “talipapa”. So I can learn a little bit of Filipino. Maybe sometimes I will travel to malaysia and I can use these words.
    We can´t go shopping on sunday. Only the shops at tankstops are openned. On sunday we have to relax, says our government!

    I wish you nice shopping with Aki. I know, for a child every thing in an talipapa is very exciting. You must have a lot of patience.

    Greetings from Germany

    P.S. the weather is much better than last time. In the night the temperature is around 0°C, on day it´s 5 to 10 degrees.

    1. Hi Erwin!
      What is a tankstop? I think it is cool that your government requires every one to rest!
      Zero degrees?! I don’t think even my freezer reaches zero degrees. Do you have snow at this time of the year. I would love to see a picture of your view every day.

  3. Sweet entry. Oo noh, at 1 point, grocery-shopping became a chore na rin for us. What we do is we go nights, after work, in Shopwise because it’s open until 11pm! We find that doing it on weekends takes too much time. Though on the rare occasions that we go – Laz stays right by the fish section too, like your Aki!

    I have yet to perfect menu planning. Bilib talaga ako sa organizational skills mo, Maqui!

  4. i love trips to the grocery too! it was the best bonding memory i had with my mom kaya ganun din ginagawa ko ke maia hihi 🙂 pero the best yang me lugaw date after. maqui, ako din hirap na hirap sa menu planning. buti ka nga you make a list ako ngayon, isipin ko pa lang exhausted na ako so i just go by day. kung ano maisip in the morning then yun na ulam sa gabi. hehe.

    1. naku sis, si franco kase ayaw ng repeat performance ang ulam. kung ako lang, sana ganun na lang lagi para pitong ulam na lang ang paplanuhin ko

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