Household Items that Double as Toys for Toddlers

Aki is now in the stage where he directs our playtime. He likes to go thru my activity and craft books and tells me which activity he wants to play.

Here are some ordinary household items that double as toys. Most activities are from my Gymboree Toddler Play book.


Aki likes to line them up and walk thru the line. The goal is to get to the end without knocking off a bottle. It looks easy on the picture but it gets more difficult when he is wearing his more loose shorts. Aki also practices his coordination by picking up each bottle one by one and then dumping them all in a basket. He is so cute when he is trying so hard not to drop any of the six bottles in his arms. Lately, Aki has been into bowling so these bottles also double as bowling pins.

A Pillowcase and Assorted Small Items


We call this game “Pillowcase Time”. This is so simple. Just gather different small items, preferably items that have different textures and shapes, put them inside a pillowcase and ask your toddler to touch and guess what the items are.During our first runs, I showed Aki the items first before putting them inside. I try to guide Aki’s hands while they are inside the pillowcase because when he tries to take out an item that he has already guessed, he accidentally gets to see the rest of the mystery toys.

Celebrating after he correctly identified his slingshot

Opaque Cups

We use Aki’s stacking cups but we have also tried our melaware cups. Aki likes to play “Juice-juice” which is our version of tea party. Our little waiter makes imaginary juice, hands us cups, asks for a toast and demands that we finish his concoction.

We also play the memory game using our cups. We hide a small toy, normally a block, inside a cup,  move the cups and ask Aki to guess where the block is.

PS. Isn’t Aki so sexy in his first boxer shorts?


4 thoughts on “Household Items that Double as Toys for Toddlers

  1. Erwin says:

    Hi Maqui,

    Aki looks very good in his new boxer shorts!!!
    Is this the end of wearing diapers? Aki is now nearly 2 and a half year old. My congratulation!!!


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