Swimming Playdate with Maggie and Lucas

We had a grand time during our playdate with Maggie and Lucas two Sundays ago. Maggie and I have been planning to have one as early as September.  It was Aki’s and my first time to have a playdate in another mommy’s home. It was also our first swimming playdate. Now that summer is just around the corner, I am hoping to beat the heat by having more playdates with Lucas and Maggie.

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Maggie blogged about our fun fun fun playdate here.

She just forgot to mention

– She is soooo pretty! I look like her yaya when I am next to her during our commute to work.  Imagine me with my very wet, barely combed, layered, fly away hair, next to Maggie.

– Lucas is so fair and artistahin! Any talent scouts out there?

– Speaking of commute, Maggie is the very reason why my loshang level has gone down 2 notches lower. I used to ride a tricycle, transfer to a jeepney, ride the MRT train and finally walk for 15 minutes just to get to the office. Because Maggie introduced me to the shuttle/vans from our area to Ortigas, I now just sit and relax in the van with my very wet, barely combed, layered, fly away hair, next to Maggie. I get off one block away from our building.

– We wanted to invite Dew and Em but then we realized that both are from Region 4! hehe.

– After swimming, Maggie served yummy peanut butter sandwich and pancit. Because Franco, who was to shy to join the playdate in fear of being out of place, was already waiting in the parking area, we brought the food home. Aki finished the sandwich on our way home and downed half of the pancit when we arrived.

Thank you so much, Maggie, Lucas and Mike! Until our next playdate!


13 thoughts on “Swimming Playdate with Maggie and Lucas

    • Uyyy gusto ko yan! Gusto mo sa PeopleSupport building at baka magkita kita pa tayo nina Rasta.
      Sana pag andito si Ate Iris para may referee tayo inscase magsabunutan tayo! hahahahaha

  1. Em says:

    Awww.. Na-touched naman ako. Ang layo kasi ng mga bhay ntin. Wish ko lng kahit kapit-village ko kayo 🙂 Pwede niyong iwan sken mga kids. Pagbalik niyo madudungis na kmi. joke 🙂

    • Alam mo pinag uusapan lang namin kayo nina Dew yesterday. Maggie and I think perfect playdate kung makumpleto tayo kase magka-age yun dalawang Akira at sina Raviv and Lucas. Am sure magagawan natin yang ng paraan. Pwede kami pumunta sa inyo (taga cavite ang family ni Maggie) or kayo ang pumunta samin or half way siguro like Alabang.

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