Still Looking

I have been trying to tame my Booksale addiction. Thanks to our family new year’s resolution. I used to visit the SM Bicutan branch every day but now, my visits are more than 2 weeks apart.

When I am in a Booksale branch, I am always looking for one book – a book with a main character named Akira. Still no luck. I smile though everytime I see books which have titles of names of friends.

Gracie, AnnaAnn, Liv 

I also found a A IS FOR ABIGAIL book but a little girl got it before I could take a picture.


8 thoughts on “Still Looking

  1. I browse forever in booksale and filbar too. And though i pick up books left and right, there is also this one book I keep looking for “Happy House Children” by Enid Blyton. Hehe. so if you do happen to see it, Maqui, gimme a holler. I shall do the same if I stumble on the Akira book!

  2. Aaaww…so cute!!

    haha, natawa ako sa tame your addiction to Booksale 😀 last Jan, Ryan had to control me because i think we brought about more than 8 kg of books yata from Manila. just can’t help it! 😛

  3. mush trinidad says:

    Hi Maqui,

    My hubby knows franco way back in Don Bosco. Pinakita ko lang yung wedsite nyo so he saw the pic and I told him the lastname 🙂

    Hope to see you soon and makasama kami ni chloe sa playdates because we live near your place.

    I really appreciate your crafts, ang galing & very creative 🙂

    • Wow! Really? Are they batchmates? What is your hubby’s name?
      I would love to have a playdate with you and Chloe! Are you also from Better?

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