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Congratulations to Me!

I just realized that yesterday was my blog’s 2nd birthday. Four hundred forty-four posts, 1800+ comments, 97000 hits, 50+  followers and 8 helpers later, I am still blogging. Hooray for me!
With the exception of my husband, my mother in law, my sister, my niece Jyl, and some officemates, most of my friends and family do not know that this blog exists. Sometimes I am tempted to link my blog to my very inactive Facebook account but then, I ask myself, “why do I want to do that?” Maybe for more hits? While spikes in my hit counter are always welcome, the reason I blog is for documentation’s sake and not for the hits. Maybe for the sake of sharing? But most of Franco and my FB friends ( we share an account), aren’t mothers and will probably find my blog boring. I still haven’t convinced myself if I should share my blog so for now it is still a secret blog. hehe.

I love blogging because
– It allows me to document our experiences and to reflect on how wonderful my life is.
– It allows me to appreciate our experiences even more. Sometimes, I have a-good-title-for-this-post-would-be-XXXX moments while the very activity is occuring.
– I have gained a lot of friends thru this blog. Just last weekend, we were at Maggie’s condo for a swimming playdate! Thru blogging, I am now friends with the girl my ex-boyfriend left me for (you know who you are :P) .Amazing, right?
– Once in a while I get comments and personal messages from new online friends who tell me that I was able to help them find a pedia, plan their kid’s baptism (I don’t know why but more people seem to appreciate my posts on Aki’s baptism. The baptism was just okay for me. It is the airplane and letter-A parties that I am truly proud of) etc. I don’t really see this blog as a go-to source for wonderful tips on motherhood. I am still adjusting to being a new mom myself so I am in no position to give tips. That is why whenever someone thanks me or says they find my blog helpful, I never fail to smile.

– I get a lot of helpful tips from helpful commenters, too!
– Because of blogging, one day, when Aki knows how to read, when he is staying in a dorm, when his social life is so hectic he can’t come home every weekend, he will read my blog or my book and see how his mother always looked forward to spending ordinary days especially weekends with him.

37 thoughts on “Congratulations to Me!

  1. Hey girl,

    Super enjoying your blog 🙂 alas kwatronna and plan ko pa sanang mag Sidcor but mukhang fail at di ako matutuloy.

    It started wd me reading investnaw then napunta sa Efren link mo (emailed Efren na din) til umiyak si Laya so umpisa na naman ako frim beginning via phone naman… eto emailed one of the recipe to myself na and inaabangan konpa yung wealth mgmt resolution post mo and am super impressed and bilib wd wst you are doing! Super pat on the pat. If I can do what you are doing lang.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ps. Pls make sure you have a backup of this blog ha! Too precious to lose if ever!

    Also wag mong pasikatin blog mo, you will tend to write less private stuff and too many haters 😦

    1. Hi Miss Benz! You made my day. Nalurkey ako, 9 comments from the same person. Haha. I wonder up to what month ang chinaga mong iback-track.
      Thank you for appreciating my blog ha. I hope you will also learn a lot from Efren. He is the most influential new person we met for 2012.
      Ms Benz, paano po ba mag back-up? Yikes. Meron pa lang ganun.

  2. Congratulations sis! 🙂
    Keep on blogging, your stories help your readers in one way or another.
    If we are only based in PI, I would be inviting you and Aki on a playdate with our dear daughter Bree. 🙂
    Maybe when we go home for a vacay…

    God bless you and your family always.


  3. When I become a mother I will definitely go back to your entries on motherhood. Nakakatuwa. Napakahands on mong mom despite your hectic sched as a corporate woman. 🙂

  4. Thanks for visiting us over at daysinawagon! You have an amazing blog — very informative! Oh and my husband tells me he’s friends with your hubby…? Keep it up and congratulations! =)

    1. Hi Pepper! I learned about your blog from Mark’s FB post. I love your blog and your designs. I hope you can come up with retro outfit for little boys too!

  5. Hi here is Erwin,

    congratulation from me too for two years blogging. I always read the stories with interest but I don´t understand some items. My last english lessons are 30 years ago and sometimes I think, some words are not english. Maybe Philipine or other. But the sense is mostly clear and I understand it. Also the pictures are beautiful and I enjoy it to see Aki growing up.
    I beg you to continue reporting from you and your family. Many thanks for it.

    Greetings form Germany

    1. Thank you, Erwin!

      I will keep you in mind in my new post. I will try to put English translations for the Filipino words.

      Hope the weather there is better now! Take care!

  6. We, your readers, keep on coming back to your blog because most of us can relate to your stories. Plus points nlng na upon searching, pareho pala ang name ng kids nten. Hehehe. Your blog is one of those reasons why I started one hoping that someday my tot would get to read my entries about her and her future prom date (*wink wink*). And, if I may add, your positivity and creativeness is infectious, too!

    Like you, my blog is a little secret from friends and some members of the family. And I hope to keep it that way. So, if you have any tips, please do share 🙂

  7. Wow Maqui! Happy birthday to your blog 🙂 Totoo ang nga sinabi ng mga readers, your blog inspires and helps Moms in one way or another 🙂 That’s the sisterhood of motherhood, eh?

  8. awww, your last statement just gave me a tug on my heartstrings… I’m not into blogging, though I’m into reading A LOT of blogs, mostly about homeschooling and parenting. Coming up with a blog of my own had crossed my mind quite a couple of times now, but after several days of thinking about it, I just couldn’t go on with it. Maybe, I’m worried for security reasons, or that I won’t be able to squeeze blogging into the tight mommy schedule, or that I’d be trapped by my OC-ness and be blogging for the sake of it, instead of spending precious time with my kids. Now, after reading the part where you said that your boy can just go read your blog when he’s all grown up, and he’ll be able to read stories of your lives from when he was young, I thought, well, that’s just a very compelling reason to jump into blogging, coz aside from keeping pictures of just the ordinary days that I spend time with my daughters and my husband, it would be nice if they’ll be able to read our life stories, and it would be like telling them the stories myself, just like how my lola told me of the stories of their lives during the Japanese time. It would be wonderful and exciting! And, I’m happy for you that you are able to continue, so Congratulations!

  9. congratulations! cheers to more years of blogging! keep the blogging mojo going sis, there are a lot of us i’m sure who will be sad if you get tired of it. Besides, I really enjoy reading mom’s experiences especially yours. They are informative and really entertaining at the same time.

    Ay naku, when I reach my blog anniversay, I am so going to make a post pretty much like this. Gaya-gaya lang. Hahaha! Kampay! ^_^

  10. naku ako din, im pretty sure some of my friends won’t dig my blog. =) maybe fellow mommies nga lang. for jared’s godmothers i sometimes tell them to go visit kasi most of the time kay jared naman yung post–so they know what’s happening sa inaanak nila. playdaye na tayo! jared’s room should be done soon (praying here). saka naku i have one of your cake stands pala, nasama sa sinoli ni ate lotlot.

  11. Congrats Maqui! Blogging is really such a good way to preserve sweet and ordinary days for our child to see in the future! Keep it up! 🙂

  12. Congratulations maqui. Interestingly enough, I find this blog as a go-to source for wonderful tips on motherhood! I am actually planning of showing up at Doc Saulog’s clinic one of these days. And I’m dragging my husband’s lazy ass to MCS Booksale for Dr. Seuss’ books. And I am definitely buying that book The Happiest Kid on the Block (did I get it right?). And I shall do the time-outs, too. All that – because this blog is a reflection of how wonderful you are as a mother and people are drawn to you (and this blog) as a go-to source.

    The wonderful thing is – you’re tips are real and practical. Something every reader would like to try in the comfort of their own homes. You write so well. You are good without even trying. And humble, too.

    Now, I’m a fan. Where’s the autograph? =)

  13. Bwahahahahhahahahah! Grabe ang tawa ko! 😀 Congrats and keep blogging! Im a fan! 🙂 PS: mas maganda nga pag ‘strangers’ ang nagbabasa ng blog mo kase walang msyadong judgment kaagad. 😀

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