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Christmas In February


aka my Valentine’s Day gift for Aki

I finally chanced upon a copy of You are my Miracle in Booksale. I am in love with Mary Causano’s first book, You are my I Love You. I blogged about it here. So, when I learned that she came up with a second book, I knew I had to have a copy.


You are My Miracle by Maryann Cusimano Love
I am your parent;
 you are my child.
I am your quiet place;
 you are my wild

I am your hot cocoa;
 you are my marshmallow.
I am your nutcracker;
 you are my cookie dough.

I am your gingerbread;
 you are my frosting goo.
I am your paper;
 you are my glitter and glue.

I am your wrapping;
 you are my surprise.
I am your don’t peek;
 you are my wide eyes.

I am you bundle up;
 you are my dash outside.
I am your uphill pull;
 you are my fast sleigh ride.

I am your fortress;
 you are my snowball fight.
I am your decorate;
 you are my tangled lights.

I am your helper;
 you are my do-it-myself.
I am your Santa Clause;
 you are my Christmas elf.

I am your glass ball;
 you are my popcorn strings.
I am your pageant;
 you are my angel’s wings.

I am your steady hands;
 you are my rising star.
I am your stocking;
 you are my chocolate bar.

I am your caroling;
 you are my jingle bell.
I am your favorite song;
 you are my first noel.

I am your old stories;
 you are my make-believe.
I am your go to sleep;
 you are my Christmas Eve.

I am your hush now;
 you are my lyrical.
I am your peace on Earth;
 you are my miracle.


2 thoughts on “Christmas In February

  1. hello! been following your blog for a month na i think… it never fails to make me smile. 🙂 im a new mom to a baby boy din kasi kaya cguro mega relate agad. 🙂 i like this post in particular… i love the poem as in… i hope i can grab a copy of the book too… 🙂

    am converting my travel blog into a mommy blog… 🙂 hope you can follow me too… 🙂

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