Slipper-trained that is. Aki is finally interested in wearing slippers.

I have had my slippers since 2004. Franco got his in 2006. I doubt if Aki’s slippers will last for more than 3 months.

We are taking a relaxed approach on potty training. I actually have two books on potty training.Β  Both of them I haven’t read thoroughly.

Every morning, I ask Aki if he wants to sit on his potty. If he says yes, I take out the potty. If the answer is no, I don’t force him. Speaking of relax, here is my boy chillaxing in his potty chair while I was reading a book to him.

EDIT: I already took out the photo.

Last week, it finally happened! Aki said “poopoo! poopoo!” After reading a book, he peed! Proud mommy moment for me! He was so proud when heΒ  said bye bye to the wiwi and flushed the toilet.


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