Memoirs of a Mummy

Aki Gets A Time-out

This is Aki on the first time he had a proper time out.

He went on time out after I saw him hit Lotlot’s leg after Lottie refused to give him an item that he wanted to get. I gave him a warning but he hit Lot again so I had no choice but to put him on TO. He looks so sad and helpless here. He kept saying ” Mummy peees  nooo (Mummy please no)”. I firmly and calmly told him that only the timer can say when time out is over. I also thanked him for staying in the corner. After that, I pretended to ignore him.

This is him  a less than a minute after I made him sit in his time out corner.

He sat there quietly until the timer rang. I was really surprised that he stayed in the corner alone for two minutes.
In our previous unofficial time-outs, we would sit him on our laps with our arms around him or we would sit on the floor of the 2nd floor hallway while we were holding his hands. It had always been a parent-child power struggle. I knew we had to change how we do our time outs because when he gets bigger and stronger, we won’t be able to restrain him in our laps anymore.

I read this chapter several times .  

My first question was “where?”.  The whole house is stimulating for him. Only the hallway upstairs is empty but it would not be safe to leave a child there alone. What I did was to clear the corner near the dining area. The Japanese divider has been sitting there for quite sometime. Guests had no idea that behind that divider is the secret extension of my bodega. After clearing that corner, we now have a safe boring spot for time-outs.

Next question was “what if he does not stay?”. This happened once. What I did was to take away a privelege. Aki was playing with bottles.  Despite his protests, I took those and put them in a cabinet.

I am  happy to report that Aki has not been on time-out for the month of Feb. I actually can’t remember anymore when was the last time we had one. I guess that means our method is working, right?

13 thoughts on “Aki Gets A Time-out

  1. Dade gets time outs, too. But for us, the tougher part of time outs is the aftermath. We have to get his full attention & explain why he had a time out or why he was punished. Laging nagpapa-cute pagkatapos ng time out eh. Hay!

      1. di ba sometimes it’s so hard to keep a stern, straight face? once you start laughing, they will not take you seriously & would think it’s just a game. naku naman, bakit kasi ang cute ng kids?!! hirap magpigil lalo na when they try to use their charm on you. gusto mo na lang yakapin & i-kiss kahit na nag-misbehave.

  2. I was really thinking of asking you kung anong book yung binabasa mo on punishment. (punishment talaga ang pinaghahandaan ko?!) Is it The Happiest Toddler nga?

  3. I’ve always hated undisciplined children, and I always criticize parents who let their children run amok in places other than a playground and say rude words (to which they would respond, “Ay, bad yan baby ko…” in a very gentle tone). My son is sociable and happy, but I fear he’s too active. He is also headstrong, as he complains when he does not get his way. Thing is, he charms everyone around him, from his Tatay to our helpers. I am often the contravida, the disciplinarian. I fear he’d grow up spoiled. When do you think should I start disciplining him? May I start spanking him now?

    1. Hey Dew! I so hear you! I am always the contrabida too!
      I highly highly highly recommend the The Happiest Toddler in the Block book. You will find a lot of aha moments reading it and pick up tons of useful and practicl tips along the way.
      Re: spanking. Hmmm.. For now, if there is a way for me to raise Aki to become discplined without spanking him, I will go that route. I am not saying I will never spank. Maybe I will in the future but if I can avoid getting there, I would.

      1. Thank you for the recommendation! I will definitely read that. I’ll make sure Raviv won’t be hated by people because of unruliness/rudeness.

        Also, I couldn’t help but ask…pano mo ni-picture-an si Aki habang pinaparusahan? Hahaha! Buti hindi nag-pose bigla :))

  4. hi maqui, it amazes me how creative you are even on TOs for aki. haaay, this is one of the hardest things when raising a child. i wish i could be able to pull it off well too paglaki ni Lia. or better yet, sana behave sya para wala ng TOs. heheh 🙂

    btw, ang cute ni aki sa 2nd photo. effective na effective sa akin ang innocent/paawa look. LOL 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mars! I hope hindi pasakitin ni Lia Love ang ulo mo.
      I read several books on parenting. For time-outs and other discipline topics, I highly recommend The Happiest Toddler in the Block. 🙂

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