Valentine’s Day Drink and Egg

More food play  in honor of St. Valentine.

This was my afternoon drink.

I finally got to use the cute ice cube molds that I bought from Saizen mid last year. 

This was protein component of Aki’s lugaw that he refused to look at.

Cute, eh? I wish I know how to use the knife. I also wish I know how to get the yolk to stay in the middle all the time.

This is how I molded the egg.

I bought the egg cup in Sweden back in 2007. It comes with a bonnet so the egg won’t get cold. 🙂

After pressing the chopstick for about 30 seconds, the egg was transformed into a heart.

Happy Valentine’s!


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Drink and Egg

    • The juice was just Kool-aid lemonade. The ice was plain water with food color.
      I wanted to add spike to my drink kase when I asked hubby if I can open the bottle of wine and put some on my lemonade, napagalitan pa ako. Beer or vodka lang daw ang pampa-spike!

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