Aki’s First Science Project

Living with a toddler is like having a time machine. Aki’s new interests renew  my own interests when I was still a kid. I wonder if Aki will also try concocting perfumes out of baby powder and fresh orange juice?

Lately, Aki has been into plants, seeds and farming. Thanks to this book.

It is actually my niece Jyl’s. For some reason, promise I really don’t know, it ended up in our bag when we went to Los Banos last month. Jyl, I promise to return your book as soon as we have the chance to visit you again.

Anyhoo, this book is about the adventures of Gabby Ghas, a young palay. Gabby meets seedings, friendly snails, helpful snakes, a bitchy cogon grass couplw and evil birds, worms and insects. Soon, he discovers his life’s purpose.

The book was made in cooperation with  the Internationla Rice Reasearch Institure. Illustrations were done by my sister’s good friend, Eisen Bernardo.


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