Mrs. Monologues

Pantry Pasta

Don’t you just hate it when you discover that there are expired items in your pantry? Recently,  I found out that an unopened bottle of  Caesars dressing expired last June. I also found a pack of condensed milk that expired last December. But what I really hate is seeing ants eat my food before I do. I discovered that I had  box of cheese that has already been attacked by those evil little creatures. The box was still intact but about 1/4 of the cheese has already been eaten.

Just to clean up my pantry, I came up with a pasta dish that was arguably somewhat delicious. I thought it was just ok. Franco said it was good. Hazel, our newest helper, did not like it.

For this dish, I used chopped sundried tomatoes that I bought from a trade fair last year, penne that is about to expire in a month or two, and olives from a bottle that Cheryl probably opened before she left last October.

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