DIY Superhero Cape and Masks

Because of our wealth management 2012 goal, I am trying to work on craft projects that would not cost me anything. I am challenging myself to use materials from my craft stash and/or hidden treasures from my stockroom.

For this project, the only material needed is a red shirt. I got the idea from one of the birthdays featured in OhDeeDoh. When I saw that post two years ago, I told myself  I am gonna make one for Aki as soon as he starts showing interest in superheros.

Cut the front, leaving the neck line/ring intact. And you have a cape! I made a knot so the cape won’t fall off Aki’s shoulders.

Before I proceed, let me show you what Aki did to my phone while I was making his cape.

Using the sleeves, I made two masks.

While Aki was sleeping,  I designed the cape using felt fabric that I already have.

Ta-daaaa! Here is our superhero looking for Daddy worms.


10 thoughts on “DIY Superhero Cape and Masks

  1. Erwin says:

    Hi Maqui,
    Here is Erwin from Germany.
    I´m a little bit jeaulous seeing pictures of Aki, where he walks barefoot around, plays with water in the yard and so on.
    When I look out of the window I seen lots of snow. Its very very cold outside: -16°C. It´s very very cold since weeks, about -15 and -25 °C, here in Germany. I think I´m at the north pole (shiver)!

    I wish you much fun with Aki.


    • Hi Erwin! Mabuhay from the Philippines! Thanks for reading my blog!
      It is also cold here now but cold for us is about 17 celsius. 😛
      Do you have a blog?

    • Thank you for your reply,
      Sorry, I have no blog. I have a little business for industral safety and therefore I have a small homepage.
      Yes I have much fun with your stories about Aki. He must be a “Tornado” with much power. This is good. Lateron he must be a stong man and so it´s good, when he trains his power.
      Don´t look so much on the reactions of other persons. Aki is important and nothing else. Other people an the “conventions” are coming later. Pleas let him be a child as long it´s possible.

      The strong cold has gone and left nearly one meter snow. The children around are playing the whole day in the snow.

      Greetings from Germany

      • Erwin, it is always a pleasure to hear from people so many miles away!
        Your descrption of the snow reminds me of the thick ice in my freezer that i need to defrost ASAP!
        have a great sunday!

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