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Nutrition Facts

Because Aki is at times a  picky eater, I developed a habit of checking the nutrition facts of foods that I buy. I want to make sure that the few things that he gets to eat are rich in nutrients. By the way, these are the nutritional requirements of toddlers.

Calories: about 1300
Protein: 16 grams
Vitamin A: 400ug RE
Vitamin C: 40 mg
Thiamin: 0.7 mg
Riboflavin: 0.8 mg
Niacin: 9 mg
Vitamin B6: 1.0 mg
Folate: 50 ug
Calcium: 800mg
Iron: 10 mg

Source: here

Dra Saulog said so long as Aki eats lutong bahay dishes, there is no need for us to be conscious of his intake. Since that is not always the case, I like reading the labels. Some of my discoveries:

Oatmeal, a good source of dietary fiber and protein

The healthiest crackers

Rebisco with Whole Wheat

The best cereals?

According to our first pedia, many Pinoy kids have iron and zinc deficiencies.  Less than a cup of this cereal provides 60% of the daily iron needs and 30% for zinc.

And the winner is…

Drum rolls please…


There is one thing that is not clear to me though. According to both my first and current pedias, all the commercially available milk for kids 1 year old and above are equal. However, if  you check the label, formula milk has more nutrients. Hmmmm….

7 thoughts on “Nutrition Facts

  1. Oh siyet. Interesting din pala mga comments. Sa pagmamadali kong matapos I rarely read comments waahhh!

    -benz <— feeling naka discover ng secret society!

  2. The box of cheerios here nakalagay talaga na most recommended snack by pediatricians for toddlers. I always have cheerios with me for Elijah. He loves it.

    And I agree with the meal planning with a toddler. Ang hirap!

  3. i hope Aki will overcome this picky eater stage soon. toddlers really need all the nutrients they can get since this is the stage where they have so much energy. we’re just fortunate Dade isn’t a picky eater and will eat anything we put inside his mouth (4 gulay na lang kumpleto na ang Bahay Kubo!). di man sya mataba, thankfully, he’s not sickly, and is always energetic naman. but still, it’s always a challenge to find nutritious food to feed a child, di ba?

    1. You are soooo lucky, Gracie! I hope Dade will never go thru this picky eating stage. Although not all the time, Aki is eating better now.
      Oh yes, planning a menu with a toddler in mind is quite a challenge

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