Memoirs of a Mummy

Somebody likes Thomas the Train

Not seen in the picture are his Thomas boots.

Every night, the choo choo chens go to sleep too.  Annie and Clarabel need blankets, of course.  Note that Thomas doesn’t get a blanket because he sleeps in a secret hiding place that only mummy knows.

Thomas has been helping me brush Aki’s teeth. I hope he can also help me when it is time to start potty training.

6 thoughts on “Somebody likes Thomas the Train

  1. Good Lord. I’m kind of glad Laz is not as obsessed with Thomas anymore and has branched out a bit. Good luck, Maqui! Wait ’til he starts collecting ALL the train characters – it can get really crazy!!!

    1. Haha! I am trying to delay introducing the videos for as long as I can coz i know once he gets addicted, wala akong choice kung hindi makilala lahat ng characters

  2. Ryken is also a Thomas fan and has a thing for toy trains. His ninang gave him a battery-operated Thomas, ayun, isang araw lang ubos agad ang battery dahil buong araw daw na pinaandar (yung bump-and-go type ba). Kaya hindi ko na siya binilhan uli ng battery, hehe, sayang eh. Pero may isa pa siyang Thomas na pipindutin mo lang yung driver tapos aandar na siya kaya mas matagal ang buhay nun. 🙂 May dvd rin siya at gustung-gusto ring pinapanood palagi.

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