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My Picky Eater’s Top Food Picks: Peanut Butter!

 Because Aki has mood swings when it comes to eating, I have become more conscious of what I feed him. When I go to the grocery, I review the labels before putting an item on my basket.  Because of this new habit, I have learned that pancakes, Hanzel sandwiches and wafers, do not have anything significant to offer aside from calories.

I got the idea to introducing peanut butter from Faye‘s post. Not only is peanut butter yummy, it is good source of protein.

After reviewing the labels of different brands, I chose Tobi Creamy Peanut Butter Spread

because it has 0% sodium.

One serving or two tablespoons have 8 grams of proteins. That is half of the daily protein needs of toddlers 2-3 years old.

 Aki ate about 3 tablespoons. Yes!!! 

A sure sign that a picky eater likes his food – plate licking. To set the records straight, I did not teach him that nor do I encourage him to do that.   For memories’ sake, I just had to take a picture.

PS: Spoonfuls of peanut butter is a choking hazard. Feed only in super small portions. Better yet, spread it on bread or fruits.

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