DIY Superhero Costume

Aside from the no no no moments, the terrible twos are also made sweeter and more memorable because of the moments of endless me me me’s. In our case, Aki’s me me me happens everytime we need to change his clothes. Aki insists that he chooses what he will wear. Sometimes, he decides he needs a spur-of-the-moment outfit change. What is quite difficult now is making him understand the concept of pambahay and pang-alis. Almost always, he chooses his gimik clothes. (whoa, I just realized. Do people still use the word gimik?)

His favorite color? Blue. Here, he did not want to wear any shirt because we ran out of clean blue tops.

This is Aki, on his way to his closet  because he was not happy with the clothes that Lottie chose.

Funky Tube sleeves from Mothering Earlings. He asked me to put one on his arm and another on his leg.

Wearing my shirt

Frustrated because I would not let him  wear my “daster”

Insisting on wearing blue again!

He would not let me swap his shoes

In addition to fishes and rockets, Aki also loves Superman.

The winning out-of-this-world outfit I made the cape but the rest was all his idea. Unfortunately, the arinola helmet fell before we could take a picture of it . 🙂


10 thoughts on “DIY Superhero Costume

  1. you mean, FORTUNATELY, the arinola fell? hahaha! despite the terrible twos, ang cute pa rin ni aki! and your top can actually fit on him na? i totally understand why not the daster. ^_^

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