Boxing Week

Last holiday season, my me time was mostly spent cleaning and organizing the house. Franco said I was again making unneccesary problems for myself. He will never understand how therapeutic it is to turn a messy corner into the messier one (this happens because I want to lay out, see and touch each item so I can decide if I will keep it or put it in the trash) and then make all the mess go away.

First order of the week, Christmas decors. I would have wanted to have the decors up until Jan 6, the feast of the Three Kings but Lotlot was about to go on leave so I boxed , er, basketed, everything by Dec 27. By the way, I found the missing 2008 and 2009 ornaments!

See you in 12 months

Next, Aki’s playroom under the stairs.  Even though I try to limit the number of toys he plays with, we still end up with a mountain of playthings that we need to clean up by the end of the day. The cabinet was a gift from my sister-and-brother-in-law and was supposed to be for my books. The height was perfect for Aki so we just gave it to him. After deciding which toys should go, I gathered all the balls and the cars. Oh God! There were so many. For sanity’s sake, I decided that we will only keep 2 big balls and 2 smaller noisy balls. The other 15++ all went to the the 2nd stockroom aka guest room aka Lotlot’s room.  Too bad I wasn’t able to take a before picture but here is the new and improved toy corner.

Third, major clean up happened in the masters’ . Who would ever be in the mood for some romance if you are sleeping next to this mess ( and next to a toddler who sleep talks, sleep sits and sleep laughs)?  

 This picture was actually taken when I was done organizing  my crafting stuff which from 3 boxes became one ( see plastic box on the left).  That was also I think the 3rd time that we looked into our closet and decided to let go of the clothes that don’t fit and those that we are hoping would still fit again someday. Giving away old but loved clothes get easier the more often it is done. Now, I am only keeping the gowns and the maternity clothes.

Guess who was helping me?

Next, Aki’s closet.

Just a suggestion, next time you find yourself looking for a gift for babies and toddlers, please don’t get pillows even if they are cute. They are bulky and small kids don’t need a lot of them.  Chances are the parents already got pillows for the baby before he was born.  At two, Aki only likes one small rectangle pillow. The rest were kept in the closet or accumulating dust somewhere.  We ended up filling a duffel bag with just pillows.  Note that during our first closet clean up, we already kept away several others.

And look what I found inside one of the bags!

This has been missing since Dec 2010. It doesn’t fit Aki’s head anymore. 😦

Next clean up projects:

Aki’s 2nd floor playroom toys

Toys in Lotlot’s room. We haven’t taken out the presents given to him last last Christmas. He might have outgrown them already. Yikes!


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