Last Christmas

Last Christmas eve, little kids came to our house and sang Christmas carols! Finally! I wish these kids would be more active this coming December.

Last Christmas eve, Aki was cranky and refused to give me the key that we were supposed to leave in a secret spot. Haay. It would had been a cute tradition to leave a key for Santa. When I took out the Xmas books, one of the first things that I thought him after reintroducing him to the jolly old man is that we need to give him a key so he can come in and leave presents by the tree.

Last Christmas, Aki woke up even crankier because he is not used to being woken up in the middle of the night.

Last Christmas, Aki only lightened up after seeing his gifts.

Last Christmas, Aki got his wish and received 5 fishes and a mouse!

Am not sure if it was a mouse, a guinea pig or a hamster.  We named it Diacky after Manang Lydia. Unfortunately for Aki, the poor thing died the next day.  Aki doesn’t seem to mind though because he now has 8 fighting fishies!


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