Memoirs of a Mummy

Curious George, Our In-house Monkey and the Rocket

This is one of Aki’s current favorite books.

I only fell in love with George lately. Maybe because the first Curious George book that we have, a touch-and-feel-visit-to-the-zoo book, is a  not-so-charming, modern spin-off of the old time classic. I like George because he reminds me of my son’s own adventures.

After reading the Curious George and the Rocket to Aki, he kept bugging me all morning to get him a rocket? Where in the world can I find him a rocket?!  The answer, in my bodega.

He found himself  helmet.

Instead of  saying 5,4,3,2,1, Aki says 5,6,7,8,9,10, Shooom! I have been storing boxes since October. I wanted to make a cardboard train for Aki’s birthday but I got so busy and forgot about it.

The rocket from my stockroom

With the lever

I am still undecided if I would introduce him to the parachute. It would be so cute to drop toys from the stairs like what his dad did thousands of times with his GI Joes but my worry is that Aki might start jumping from the stairs himself. Yikes!

6 thoughts on “Curious George, Our In-house Monkey and the Rocket

    1. Thanks!
      Intaying ko yun coke bottle project details ha. I was thinking of putting a balloon inside a paper bag pero tinamad na rin. Hehe

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