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Ornaments that will remind me of 2011

Remember this post? Finding out that my 2008 and 2009 ornaments were missing, left me demotivated to go on full gear with my Christmas DIYs. Well, I found them, the ornaments! Among my special plates for special occasions. When I was packing away the Christmas decors. Grrr!

I  am hoping to keep this tradition of having new ornaments every year. Year 2007 is represented by Jamie and Frank candy cane ornaments that I bought from the rooftop of the Empire State Building a few weeks after Franco proposed. Year 2010, because of my momnesia, I could not find nor remember what was the ornament for that year. Hmmm. I will just find something that will remind me of the house in to our home since moving in was that year’ s highlight.

Year 2011 will be remembered as the year when we had a toddler, when I became crafty and when Franco when to El Salvador.

 Crafty Ornament. I was supposed to use this as an accent to one of my gifts. I think it is too pretty to be given away so I will just keep it to remember 2011.

El Salvador Ornament. I don’t want to use the non-ornament ornaments that my hubby brought home so I will just put a string on one of the El Sal magnets.

Toddler Ornament # 1. What else could better represent how crazy it is to have a toddler? I will just tie them together to make one imperfectly perfect ornament.

Toddler Ornament # 2. Black angry bird. Aki loves this game although he does not know how to play it. According to him, the black angry bird is him and the red ones are Franco and I. I don’t know where I can buy a real AB ornament so we will just be using this 10 peso keychain.

Happy New Year!

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